Regulator Guidance

Activity safety guidance from the regulators - Civil Aviation New Zealand, Maritime New Zealand and WorkSafe NZ - including good practice guidelines, fact sheets and adventure activity regulatory rules.

Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand 

Adventure Aviation – Rule part 115

This Part prescribes the requirements for the certification and operation of a
person conducting an adventure aviation operation.

Maritime New Zealand

Adventure activity resources - these resources cover:

  • high speed/thrill vessel experiences
  • vessels involved in swimming operations
  • parasailing operations
  • unmanned balloons, kites, rockets and model aircraft (CAA)
  • shark cage diving

Safety Guidelines - Managing risks: alcohol & other drugs - raft & jetboat operators March 2013 

Commercial rafting operations – Part 81 - this rules applies to:

  • commercial rafting operations
  • raft guide vocation training
  • hire of rafts to the public without a guide

Commercial jet boat operations – river – Part 82 - this rule applies to operators and drivers of commercial jet boats that:

  • operate on rivers; and
  • carry passengers; and
  • are less than nine metres in length; and
  • are designed to carry no more that 34 people

WorkSafe NZ